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Welcome to Greenleaf!

The world of Greenleaf has a large tropical belt, creating massive jungles and rainforests. Tropical plants provide a variety of life-saving drugs that cannot easily be synthesized in a laboratory. Major drug companies set up shop on Greenleaf, providing the bulk of work for the locals.

Base Stats:

  • Sun orbited: Red Sun
  • Moons: Dyton, Agyar, Bryson’s Rock
  • Capital: Derjba
  • Date terraformed: 2281
  • Diameter: 7,139 km
  • Mass: 1,856,861,031,060,110,000,000 metric tonnes
  • Gravity: 0.9898 gn
  • Orbital position: 3
  • Population: 220,000,000

Tourist Attractions:

  • The Performance Hall
  • Dysraeli Pharmaceuticals
  • Town Hall

Local Hangouts:

  • The Establishment
  • Jim’s Joint
  • Movie Theater
  • The Derjba City Park
  • The Rock
  • Mitternacht
  • The Crucible

Shops and Stuff:

  • Ye Olde Barber Shoppe
  • Flaunt
  • Sharp
  • Grocery Store
  • Dr. Pillar’s Herbal Remedies

Places to Stay:

  • The Black Orchid
  • The Crimson Petal
  • Bluebird’s B&B

Main Page

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